Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy (hereinafter – «Policy») contains information about what Personal Data is collected and processed in the course of the use of the application «Nibly» (hereinafter – «Nibly» or «Application»). Safeguarding the Nibly Users' privacy is a prior during the processing of Personal Data collected in the course of using this Application. The User consents to the collection and processing of Personal Data and confirms that the User has read the contents of this Policy and agrees to its terms in order to use Nibly.

The basis and purpose of processing

All Personal Data collected by Nibly is processed only with User`s consent and in the manner prescribed by the legislation on Personal Data protection.

The purpose of the procession is:

  • usage of Nibly and services available on it;
  • Users` feedback and answers to their questions and inquiries;
  • customisation of achieved services;
  • sending information notifications if Users have expressed a desire to receive them.

Processed Personal Data

We process only those Personal Data that is necessary for the above purpose, namely: the names of Users, their photos, and contact information, provided directly by them or through third-party services during registration (Apple, Facebook, Google, etc.); information on Users` professional activity and membership in organisations. We also process information that becomes known to us automatically, such as information about Users` IP address and their actions in the Application.

Additional information may be provided by Users at their discretion or in communication between Users and us, in the content of messages they send in accordance with the specified contact details of Nibly, as well as in the attached files. However, we do not require any other information without appropriate reasons.

Processing of sensitive Personal Data

In the course of using Application with the consent of Users we collect information about their membership in professional organisations. This information is necessary to obtain the most effective experience from using Nibly, it is not processed to discriminate against Users on this basis or purpose of transferring or informing any third parties.

We do not collect or process other sensitive categories of Users' Personal Data through Nibly. Any attempts to collect such categories of Personal Data on our behalf are illegal and irrelevant to our activities and the operation of the Application. If other sensitive Personal Data is provided by Users additionally, the processing is carried out exclusively with the application of measures provided by law.

Users` rights

Users whose Personal Data is processed have the right to know about the processing of their Personal Data and gain access to them, object to their processing, request us to change, clarify or delete them and be notified of the loss or leakage of Personal Data within 72 hours detection of such a fact. In order to obtain this information, the User should contact through the contact details provided in this Policy.

Processing term

We process Personal Data only for the Application usage period, but not longer than the term provided by the legislation on Personal Data protection.

Security measures

We take all necessary technical and organizational measures that are provided by legislation to secure Personal Data and the process of their processing. When using Nibly through third-party services (Apple, Facebook, Google, etc.), we check whether these services provide the appropriate level of protection of Personal Data, but the issue of privacy protection is covered by their privacy policies during the usage. We are not responsible for accessing User`s processed Personal Data in the event of hacking or unauthorized access to the device through which the use of Nibly is carried out.

Transfer of Personal Data to third parties

Personal Data of Users are not transferred to third parties except as provided by legislation.


We may update this Policy from time to time. If we decide to make significant updates to this Policy, User will receive a notification from us and will be able to review the updated version of the Policy. By continuing to use Nibly, User agrees with the updated of the Policy version.


For any clarifications regarding the processing of Personal Data, write to the e-mail address info: